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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



6.0 – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Pocket News Images, we know the true measure of a company isn’t just great products and services but the impact the company has on society. We are committed to making a difference in ways that extend far behind our industry. Pocket News Images are here to inspired to create a better Community, Diversity, Education and Environment to benefit the society with nonprofit organizations.


6.1 – Partnership/Sponsorship

We at Pocket News Images have a long standing role in the industry standard for ethics in journalism. Pocket News Images is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of creative minds by providing training and resources on journalism. 

Our mission is to help you to connects, educate, develop and maximize your photographer / videographer potential to do the coverage for your event and/or project with many of the great photojournalists by Pocket News Images offers your organization the diverse skill set and local knowledge of top photographers.


6.2 – Our Commitment 

6.2.1 – We will provide education though out workshop and training to develop your photographer/videographer potential to capture the best images for your event and/or project with great photojournalists from Pocket News Images with diverse skill set and local knowledge of top photographers.

6.2.2 – We will provide instant access to the Pocket News Images, providing relevant contents to community which provide much more easier for them to share their content with their audiences on blogs and social media. This service is provided at no charge to members of the Students, Non Government Organization and Non Profit Organization. 

6.2.3 – We will provide display an Advertisement on Pocket News Website and Social Media to promote the event (1) Week before the schedule event with (1) Article to be Publish on Pocket News Portal base on news release and contents provided by Public Relation, Secretariats and/or Event Organizer. 

6.2.4 – We will provide Partly and/or Full Media Coverage throughout out the events (Subject to Confirmation) with (1) Photo Blog (Photos with Caption) to be Publish after the event including the Photos taken by your Photographer.


6.3 – We Request for Benefit

6.3.1 – Logo of Pocket News Images as Media Partner will need to be place on all publicity material as in Flyers, Posters, banners, Streamers, Backdrop, Souvenir Books, Social Media and Websites. 

6.3.2 – Pocket News Images Company Name will need to be mentioned during the event and though mass media.


6.4 – Send in Your Proposal

If you feel our CSR Programme and Partnership/Sponsorship do match to what you’re looking for, do send in your event and/or project proposal to [email protected]  for us to go though and will reply you in a week time. 

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