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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)



4.0 – What is Cart?

Cart is your “Holding Area” for storing all items that you are interested in purchasing, check out the items, pay for their priced and download them. 


4.1 – How do I Access the Cart?

Click Cart in the top navigation, where the number beside it indicates the number of items added to the Cart.


4.2 – How do I Add Items to the Cart?

Option 1: Select one or more items, then click Add to Cart Button.

Option 2: Click item’s Thumbnail or Detail View, then click Add to Cart.


4.3 – How do I Check Out and Download Items?

Select the items that you want to download, then click Check Out Now. You cannot select images that are not priced.. If you are not signed in, you are prompted to sign in. Once signed in, the Checkout/Contact Information page appears.

Ensure that your Personal Contact and Billing Address details are specified; then click Continue. Result: The Payment Information/Check Out page appears. The Order Details and Contact Information sections are populated.

In the Payment Information section, select your payment method. In the Checkout Summary section, a default purchase order number is populated.

In the Checkout Summary section, a default purchase order number is populated. Accept the default purchase order number. When applicable, do enter the promotion code supplied to you by your Sales Representative; then click Apply. Only one valid code can be entered per order. Click Remove to remove or change the promotion.

Click Submit Order & Download Now. Result: The button becomes disabled to prevent you from clicking it multiple times and incurring duplicate charges.

If Successful: The Download Confirmation page appears and the download automatically initiates. Multiple images are combined into a ZIP (*.zip) file.

If Unsuccessful: An error message appears to indicating that there is missing or invalid information. Make the necessary modifications and retry the transaction.


4.3 – How can I Receive a Copy of My Orders Receipt?

An email confirmation, containing the full details of your order, is delivered to you when the check out process is complete. In addition, you can view and/or print a copy of your receipt by clicking Receipt from the Order History page.


4.4 – Can I Download Preview Versions of Items before Checking Out?

Yes. Click Download Preview Item with Low Resolution and Watermarked.


4.5 – How do I Update my User Account Details?

Prior to performing this procedure, ensure that you are signed in to Pocket News Images to change your account details, click My Account at top right, then click Account Profile. Modify your user profile details; then click Save Changes.

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