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At Pocket News Images, our mission is to move forward the world with Images of Today. We’re here to help you make you enhance your creativity and bring home earnings from your photos, videos and illustrations. The Pocket News Images brand were customers’ first choice for high quality imagery.

How Do I Join as Contributor?

It’s Really Easy! To Apply, go to our Pocket News Contributor and share 3 to 6 samples of your Photos, Videos, or Illustrations (Video submissions will need to be uploaded to YouTube for review).

Ones you have submitted, we’ll review your samples and let you know if you’re accepted to Pocket News or Pocket News Images. You must be at least 18 years of age and above to apply.

How Does It Work? 

As a contributor, you can submit your images any time via mobile or desktop for review. Video and Illustration can only be submitted through desktop. Once accepted, your content will be available online for customers to see and license.

When customers find content they want from our sites, they purchase a license that allows them to download the file for their personal or commercial purposes (based on the terms of the content license agreement).

Customers can use your content in Advertising, Marketing, Apps, Websites, Social Media, TV and Film, Presentations, Newspapers, Magazines, Books, and Product Packaging, among hundreds of other uses.

How Much Can I Earn?

For each Image or Video customer purchases, contributors earn a royalty of 15% of the price paid by the customer. Earnings can be difference, but the more content you have in your portfolio that customers need, the more opportunities you’ll have to gain earnings.

What Should I Shoot?

We make it easy for contributors to shoot what customers need most which leads to more downloads and better revenue opportunities. As a contributor, you’ll have access to our briefs, which describe content our customers want. Our most popular content is Creativity and Innovation. Think about the pictures that can tell the stories. 

Do Your Research

Make sure the content you submit doesn’t contain copyrighted or trademarked materials. Pocket News Images will not accept content that’s a violation of the exclusive rights of a creator. This also includes less obvious elements present in a file, branded clothes, logos on drinks and food, technology brands, etc. When shooting, make sure they’re not visible or, retouch your content to remove logos.

Model and Property Releases

A release is required for all content that includes recognizable people or properties.  You must have written permission from an individual or property owner allowing the use of that person’s likeness or property (for example, a private home, a place of business) for commercial purposes. It is also common, that many places which require ticketed access (zoos, museums, sporting events) do not permit shooting for commercial reasons without consent.

Do I Retain Copyright of My Work?

Absolutely YES! We license your content to global customers on your behalf and you retain the copyright.

Where We Stand?

At Pocket News Images, we believe in the power of imagery to move forward the world. We strongly support and champion intellectual property advocacy and protection, take pride in our partnerships with outstanding organizations, and offer grants to talented people who continue to challenge norms and drive our industry forward.

Interested in Events, News, Sports and Entertainment?

If you are interest in working with Pocket News Images Editorial, Entertainment, Events, News, and Sports section as well as interested in becoming an Editorial Contributor, please submit a sample of your work to the email: [email protected]

If you are a working Photojournalist please include Professional Portfolio, Tear Sheets, References and Links to your Work On-Line. Please send in as PDF and do NOT send jpeg samples. 

All submissions are prioritized by Breaking News, Editorial, Entertainment, Events, News, Sports content and territorial needs. If your work meets our criteria, a Managing Editor will contact you about submission or coverage opportunities. 

Please Note: We are unable to respond to each submission, only work that meet our criteria will be respond to.

We Look Forward To Working With You!

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