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Job Opportunities

Check Out Some of Our Benefits & Options

Pocket News Images are a group of Start-Up Media with a people who are making a difference with innovative, generating new ideas, new style, new working environment and our equality towards staff and management with best asset to strike performance and productivity.

We do offers benefit package with constantly  reviewed and improved to meet the needs of the current workforce. We value individuals with passion that always drive extra mile. Whether you are in media and journalism industry  or not, we are looking to work with people who are in the creative line with motivated to hit their targets and/or enjoy working behind the scenes.

Benefits: Options:

– Annual Bonus
– Retirement Benefits
– Saving Plan Benefits
– Work Hard & Play Hard
– Training & Development
– Maternity & Paternity Leave

– Competitive Salary Packages 
– Accident, Medical, Life and Saving Insurance

Options Available

– Freelance /Assignment
– Freelance with Contract
– Freelance with Benefits Contract

Full Time
– Full Time with Contract

– Full Time with Additional Benefits Contract

Talk to us if you’re not sure and/or don’t have what you’re looking for? Tell us what you’re looking for and/or what is your passion and interest as we are always looking for talented and passionate people to join our team. Email us at [email protected].

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