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Pocket News Images Convocation Services

Services Currently Not Available During Pelan Pemulihan Negara (PPN)

Pocket News Images Assignment Services is an accomplished Photography and Videography services in Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor, Malaysia. We offer full and comprehensive one-stop solution which is from Start to Finish Planning, Execution, Production & Distribution. We’re the leading nationwide provider in Malaysia for Local and Overseas Institutions, Colleges, University and Corporate Sectors. Our Team of Professional and Well-Trained Photographers are focused on Capturing Graduates’ Special Moments, each Graduate will be Photographed On-Stage as they receive their Diploma, Degree, Master or PhD.

Indoor/Outdoor Photography and Videography Services:

      • On-Stage Receiving Cert Photo Session
      • Individual Studio / Outdoor Session (25 Poses)
      • Individual with Friend Studio/Outdoor Session (25 Poses)
      • Individual with Family Studio/Outdoor Session (25 Poses)

We Provide In-House Photo Printing Services Including:

      • Various Sizes of 5 (11R), 4 (8R), 3 (6R), 3 (5R), 12 (4R)
      • 1 Set of 16R (14’’ x 24’’) + Laminate + Frame
      • 1 Set of 12R (12’’ x18’’) + Laminate + Frame
      • E-Photo Book (Via PDF and Online Catalog)
      • On Spot Framing Service
      • Soft-copy on PenDrive

Including Services:

      • Start to Finish Planning, Execution, Production & Distribution
      • Supply of Certificates Folders Including Name and Logo
      • Supply of Scrolls Including Name and Logo
      • Custom Tailor of Graduation Robes Set

Venue Sourcing:

      • Venue That Suits Our Clients Request and Convenience
      • Local University Auditorium / Photo Booth
      • Convention Centres / Five-Star Hotels

Note: As you can see, the full subscription has more value added offerings. Please note that these are the base packages and is limited to one graduate only with no limit to friends and family members. Please let us know which one suits you best after you have evaluated accordingly or we can discuss further as we are open to negotiations to customise the package according to your needs. We do appreciate your interest on having Pocket News Images Convocation Services to Furnish Your Needs.

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